Where did I go wrong??

How much ever people say that GMAT is s small portion of MBA application, it is the major part when we are planning to write it/or when we are studying for it. Right now, all I want is to get the score I want and rest everything has taken a back seat. On and off I do think about the essays or the schools or do I want to do MBA but for now the major air time is captured by GMAT.  I am retaking GMAT and yes the date has been booked..its 22nd October (and we leave for our vacation to India on 23rd..yay 🙂 so even if I screw the exam, I am going to be in a good mood). While preparing for the retake, I did some introspection to check where did I go wrong. Here is my analysis:

  • Quants: I got overconfident on timing. In my mocks, I could finish maths with atleast 10 mins remaining and always got a 48 or 49. (Except for once when I got a 45 in MGMAT). During the test, I ran out of time, had to guess a couple of questions and barely pressed the submit button. In retrospect I think that I did not practice lot of difficult questions within time limits. GMAT quants is a bitch. Anybody can get all of them correct if there is enough time but within time constraints the tricky questions tend to takeover. So this time I am placing lot of importance on short-cuts and am attempting to do different types of problems. The objective is to be accustomed with as many tricks as possible and use them in the real exam.
  • Verbal: My scores in the mocks fluctuated a lot. I would get anything between 35-44. And the major contribution towards this fluctuation came from CR. On a good day, I will get all CR correct and on not so good day, I will make silly mistakes. RC was good and SC was consistent. So this time I am going to be consistent and then increase the benchmark.
The target is Q:49 and V: 40/41. Total score target 720-740.
Yeah..you can say aim high, aim for 780 and you will get 740. This time I don’t want the scope of error. This time when I enter exam hall, I want to have 720-740 in atleast 3 mocks consistently with the breakup I mentioned. Amen!

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