Why do people blog about MBA??

I come across so many blogs which write about the journey to MBA. Typically, the flow is GMAT preparation –> School selection–>Application submission process–>Interviews (if any)–>Results–>Life at MBA (only a few are left by the time we reach this stage and the number of posts keep on decreasing by each step). Have we ever thought why do people open a blog just to update MBA journey? I mean, they (including me) are in one sense segmenting their life into two parts: life in general and life devoted towards MBA. Lets make an attempt to see why people blog about MBA? Why people who are not bloggers as such but they still blog about MBA? The top three reasons are :

Reason 1: To be honest to themselvesThis whole MBA preparation is very exhaustive and needs lot of dedication, discipline and introspection. This is one very important and very expensive decision and we all want to get it right. So we blog. Its like thinking aloud. We jot down our GMAT preparation plan and tend to stick to it because hey, there are people who are waiting for an update. We think aloud about the schools we are choosing and the reasons for it. We tell what happened in an interview because we are happy that we got one and may be we want to see what people think about the questions.

Reason 2: There is so much going on and it needs to get out – When we get ready to get into a b school, thats all we think about. We eat MBA, we drink MBA, we talk MBA and we dream about getting into that ideal MBA school. During all this our social life takes a toll and we need to talk about it. So we write and the best part of blogging is that even if some of us do not get into a b school, nobody is judging us 🙂

Reason 3: We want to help others – This is a fact that people want to help others. Under normal circumstances, people want to share their experiences and learnings to help others. The GMAT forums are a great testimony to that. So we all blog. We write about our learnings and Do’s and Don’t s etc so that atleast someone out there who is starting her journey or who is in the same boat as us can get some help. Its always good to know what others are doing or what the successful ones did.



P.S. These are purely my opinions. Do let me know why you blog about MBA or why you think people blog about MBA through this poll:


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