First Mock (for the retake prep) – Kaplan

I gave my first mock test today. It was Kaplan free test and I got a 750. I must mention here that I had got a 630 in the same test when I was prepping for the first attempt and mind you I did not find any repetitions (or I don’t remember the questions). However, I found Quant relatively easy and was able to finish with 20 mins remaining. Now, I do not know what do I do about this. Even last time, I was able to finish quant in every mock test with 15-20 mins remaining and was short of time on the real exam day.

Verbal was ok. I was not so focused in verbal because I was getting too impatient to finish the test and see how I fared in Quants :). Finished the section with 14 minutes remaining and almost skipped one RC.

Since Kaplan does not provide section scores, here are the percentiles and no. of correct questions in each segment and sub segment :

Quants: 95%ile

DS:  14 out of 15 correct

PS: 21 out of 22 correct

Verbal: 66%ile

CR: 9 out of 14 correct

SC: 10 out of 13 correct

RC: 8 out of 14 correct

I am yet to analyse the test but looking superficially, I think I need to pay more focus on CR. It was my key area to focus last time as well. RC normally is above average for me so I will attribute the poor performance in RC in this test to lack of focus.  Shall post my analysis and learnings when I am done with it.




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