Second Mock Test (for retake prep) – MGMAT

Today I gave the second mock test for my retake prep. It was CAT 1A from MGMAT – 1 A because I had taken all the 6 MGMATs during my prep for the first take – and I got a 710 (Q49, V37). I am not so happy with my performance here because I remembered 2 questions in Quants and I did some real silly mistakes such as not reading the question properly. I did that in atleast 4 questions in quants and got them wrong :(. So my focus is going to be on getting every damn question RIGHT. These are not difficult questions and I can get them right. I seriously and honestly believe that I could have got a 50 on this test. Anyways, no point cribbing and getting frustrated, I should take care of this in the next test.

Comparison with Kaplan test: The quants was obviously more difficult at MGMAT but verbal was comparable. And I did focus on verbal in this test.

Comparison with my first MGMAT mock for the first take: I had scored a 630 (Q40, V36) on this one. I have consistently scored around 37 in Verbal in my mock tests and I think its not good. I should not hit the roof already. I need a score of at least 40 to reach my target score.

Overall, not very happy with this performance. A 730 would have been better.

Btw…Are you thinking that I am whining a lot about my mock test results, then you may be right but its important. Its do or die. Don’t tell me GMAT is just one part of the application, it will be so when I apply. Right now its the only part of my application. Lets kick ass!!


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