Gprep 1

All I have been writing these days is about my mock tests…but with just 2 more days to go for the G day, what else do you expect :P. I gave Gprep 1 today and got a 770 (Q50,V44). Sounds great..isn’t it?? But there is a catch, I think the score are little inflated because I knew 2 questions in Quants and 3-4 in Verbal. And when I get known questions, it not only helps me in getting those questions correct for sure but also gives me benefit of more time on hand to solve other problems. So I will like to discount this score a bit and would say that maybe a 730 (Q49, V40) is the right representation.

What I am happy about this test is that I was very focused and consistent. I did not tick any question just because I was tired of reading or solving problems (sounds weird…but I tend to do so) and I did manage my time well. I did both sections with 9-10 minutes on the clock on each test.  However, time has not been a major issue with me but sometime I tend to get stuck on a question or two in Quants and that eats up lot of valuable time. I did not do so this time. So my confidence levels are high and I think I may not take Gprep 2. With 2 days to go, all I want to do it revisit the problems I did wrong and read notes.

Regarding AWA, since I got a 6 in my first attempt (I followed chineseburned template), I am pretty confident on that part. I will just revise the template and maybe practice writing just one argument to get into the mode.

The countdown has begun!

P.S. forgot to mention my score in Gprep 1 during my prep for first attempt. It was 670. Don’t remember the breakdown though.


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