Its tomorrow…and then…

The exam is tomorrow and I am feeling pretty confident this time. I am relaxed and not really studying much. Just gave Veritas’ free test t get in the exam mode. Scored a 710 (Q51, V41). I particularly did not like Veritas’s exam because quants was too easy. Very straight forward questions in line with first 100 questions of OG. Verbal was better but SCs were more idiom based and RCs were excruciatingly loooooong. Also, a breakup of Q51 and V 41 will add up to something like a 740-750 on the real exam. I guess they (Veritas) are discounting the fact that the test is easy and are giving a lower score.

I am waiting for GMAT to get over so that I can focus on so many other important things which I have held for this exam. Before coming to that, I am giving exam on the best possible day. Immediately after the test, the fun begins. How? Read on:

  • Immediately after the test, I am going for a “teen patti”, which is a version of poker, night.
  • Next day, which is Sunday, I am leaving for 4 weeks vacation to back home – India.
  • And then the festive season begins – its Diwali – my first as a married woman.
  • And when I come back from the vacation, the next day is my first wedding anniversary.
What else could I have asked for. I just need an amazing start tomorrow. The score I have been dreaming about, the score I have been working so hard for.
Now to that part where I will talk about things I would do in the time I will have once GMAT is over. I will:
  • Learn Mandarin.
  • Read books and write more often here and on my other blog.
  • Practice yoga more often.
  • Research about the b schools. So far I was very focused on INSEAD, LBS and Oxford but now a days I have started thinking about US schools also.
  • Spend more time at Aidha – a not for profit organization I have been associated with.
Wish me luck guys!!

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