The laundry list..

Now that GMAT is over and I have decided to apply for schools. I am not taking chance with R2 so I will apply to schools in next cycle. Before that lets talk about my target schools. I have been in Banking industry for around 5 years and have developed a special interest in finance. So I am focused on finance specific schools. Apart from that I have another point to think about. Should I go for 1 year MBA or 2 years MBA. Lets discuss that in detail.

1 year MBA:


  • Lesser opportunity cost
  • Lesser costs – specially cost of living
  • I will not have to go far (I am in Asia) to pursue 2 year courses
  • Less time away from my husband


  • Scope of internship is lesser
  • Very intensive course

2 year MBA:


  • Internship opportunities are good
  • More time to network and hence more chances of landing the desired job
  • 2 good years of college life ūüôā


  • Again the opportunity cost is higher
  • Cost of living is also high
  • Will be spending 2 years for something that can be done in1 year as well.

Of all the pros and cons, the one that is most bothering me is internship. As I am planning for a change in function, it is very important to get a hands on experience in the field before really jumping into it. So while I ponder more into this decision, here is the list of schools I am thinking of right now:

  1. INSEAD –¬†this is a sure choice as it is in Singapore. Why Singapore is good because I am here and Asia is in a much better shape than US or Europe. Will be applying to INSEAD for Jan 2013 intake. Also the schools ticks almost all the items in my checklist such as international diversity, strong alumni etc.
  2. LBS – LBS is another strong choice because of its focus on finance, because its a 15/21 month course and the chances of internship are good and because its in London – the heart of finance.
  3. Said Business School, Oxford РHowever, the school is not known for finance but has got amazing brand equity  and the educational experience is enriching.

There are few other schools I have been thinking about but have not done proper research on them. Will update once I do that and will post more on reasons for me choosing INSEAD, LBS and Oxford.

Other schools in mind:

  1. NYU Stern
  2. Wharton
  3. Chicago Booth
  4. Cornell one year course
  5. Tepper
  6. Darden
  7. UNC

Now I am off to doing research. Till then..happy apping guys!!


Now what??

So the GMAT thingy is over and since I am planning to apply next year (if I do…yes, there is still a possibility I don’t), what is it that is keeping me busy these days apart from my daily routine. Well I am back to reading. Apart from books, I love to browse blogs – financial, personal, gossips etc. In that, I came across this interesting list of financial blogs and found a couple of interesting ones to follow. So all those MBA aspirants who are looking to focus finance, this may be the food for soul for you. Let me see if I can write a review of my¬†favourite¬†blogs from this list in coming days from an MBA aspirant’s perspective.

I am also planning to learn mandarin. I am waiting for my friend to come back from her vacations and then may be both of us will join some classes. Language learning is fun when you have someone to practice it with..isn’t it!!

Thats all for now. Will keep you guys posted on the updates and most importantly on updates related to the bid dream – MBA.