Apping is on!!!

GMAT – check

Research on schools – check

List of schools decided – check

So I am done with all the preliminary steps and am so ready for applying now. I can already picture myself taking classes and socializing in my dream school. For now, I have decided to apply to INSEAD Jan’13 intake and in case I don’t make it, I will apply to other schools from my list.

I have started writing essays for INSEAD, which are many. Nine in total because I intend to use the optional essay as well and let me tell you its not like writing a post on this blog. I can write 9 blog posts in a day and in last month or so, I have been able to write just 3 essays, which are also not very respectable. But at the same time, its interesting to think about the right stories that reflect you not in best way but in the right way. The adcom should be able to see me as the person I am through my essays. They should be able to relate to me through those 400 words highly compressed stories.

I am highly motivated and yes..lets do it!!!