Be Aware!!!

As we all know that essay writing is a very introspective process and man it is opening few windows in that small brain of mine. I have been learning a lot about me – my motivations, my future plans including the plan B and plan C, my capacity to compress my thoughts in 400 words and yes my writing style too. I think even if one is not applying to b school, he/she must go through this process to look inside and as the yogis say, once you know yourself completely, you can call things towards you and they will come to you. In this post I will share my intermediate learnings from this process. I hope they make sense for everybody:

  • Be aware of yourself. I mean in all respects. Be aware of your surroundings, your ambitions, personal and professional motivations, your body. In general just don’t hang in the limbo. “Knowing what you don’t know” is a way better situation to be in than “not knowing what you don’t know”. (This is my husband’s tagline and since I am the better half, I have all rights to steal it :))
  • Let people question you especially those who mean good. Because when they question you, you will be forced to think an answer. This is a great help for essays but I guess it helps in life too.
  • Be honest with yourself. True that. Being honest with yourself is more important that being honest with others. (This one was a great help in identifying the target schools and writing the career goal essay).

Apart from these general things, I have come to know that I use “and” a lot and that I need to learn how to add firecrackers to my writing 🙂

Revelations galore!!!




4 responses to “Be Aware!!!

  1. I am looking a business schools too ..mostly in Canada b/c of the added advantage of a citizenship. INSEAD happens to be one of my choices though because of it’s focus on consulting…Anyway, I took the GMAT in Dec 2006 and scored a 710..didn’t go for my mba.. So getting back on track and hoping to get a much a higher score this time around..I’ve roughly 15 days to prepare.. I think we should collaborate once I’m done with GMAT..might be able to give some perspective in essays and such..


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