Out there

So I am done with my first draft of respectable essays (or so I think) for review. I must say that INSEAD essays are more of a trouble for the reviewers as there are so many of them. I have warned my reviewers in advance about the quantity of text they are going to receive and guess what I am using the optional essay as well. Since I am waiting for the review, I am going over and over through the essays to see if I could make more changes. No patience to wait for the comments 🙂

I am also thinking about engaging a professional admission consultant but I will decide on that once I am done with the first round of peer review. I just somehow think that I may not use one because I did hell lot of brainstorming to come up (by come up I mean I have dug through my life to conclude whats worth telling and whats not) with stuff I want to put, stories I want to tell and I don’t know how will the admission consultant help me other than checking the flow, english etc. Any opinions on this one?

What I am glad about is that I still have not got paranoid about the essays and am doing it slowly and consistently. I have time for myself and can’t wait for the 20 km hike we girls have planned.


5 responses to “Out there

  1. Hi,

    This is Sanket. I am also preparing for the INSEAD Application, January 2013 intake and June 2012 deadline. In the middle of the GMAT preparation and Essays.

    Yupps, INSEAD is more challenging work and other schools. All the best. Stay in touch!

  2. Hi,

    Humm, Essays are taking time but coming along nicely. Still need to figure out the story for ‘ Failure question’. Stories for the rest have been figured out.

    Let us see, want to finish the GMAT before it changes.

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