Clearadmit school guide snapshot review – INSEAD

I was pretty delighted when I got nominated for the BoB award. Had not expected the nomination at all and hence was even more delighted when clearadmit asked me to review their INSEAD school snapshot. However, they asked me to review the snapshot, I will be unbiased in my review and try to present the true picture from my eyes.

Whenever I go through such a document, my first reaction is “what is in it for me (WIFME)”. So lets straight away get to that:


    • It’s a very (when I say very, I mean it) crisp information on INSEAD. Its all you need to know about the school at first glance. The snapshot will probably save some hours you will spend (or I have spent) going through the website. Having said that, I will also say that the snapshot will not help any of us make a decision about the school. Its very basic information which you can easily find on the website. I would have used snapshots of various schools during the very first stages of school screening. Stages, where you want to explore the specialty of the school, number of faculty, about the campus etc.
    • The snapshot is pretty organized. The information flows in a very structured manner and its to the point. I actually like such no-nonsense information.
    • As clearadmit says that the snapshot is just a piece of the puzzle so I am kind of curious to see what’s there in the main booklet. (I am hoping they will not leave me in limbo and give me the full booklet also to review:))

To be honest, the value addition component was rather less in the document and I hoped for more. But I think that clearadmit is using the snapshot for just that. To create more interest and advertise for their school guides. By the way, the best things in the world may be free but we still have to pay for the better things.

P.S. Am not dead yet and the MBA dream is still alive.  Work is starting to take up and so is the social scene. I am meeting some really cool people who do cool stuff. Totally loving it. I will keep you guys posted.