Reason to stay optimist

I have always believed in solutions. I have always believed that there are more solutions and lesser problems. And I have always believed that there always is a reason to stay optimist. In this video, Peter Diamond refers to a fact that we are living in the most peaceful times in human history. Believe that?


Now what??

So the GMAT thingy is over and since I am planning to apply next year (if I do…yes, there is still a possibility I don’t), what is it that is keeping me busy these days apart from my daily routine. Well I am back to reading. Apart from books, I love to browse blogs – financial, personal, gossips etc. In that, I came across this interesting list of financial blogs and found a couple of interesting ones to follow. So all those MBA aspirants who are looking to focus finance, this may be the food for soul for you. Let me see if I can write a review of my favourite blogs from this list in coming days from an MBA aspirant’s perspective.

I am also planning to learn mandarin. I am waiting for my friend to come back from her vacations and then may be both of us will join some classes. Language learning is fun when you have someone to practice it with..isn’t it!!

Thats all for now. Will keep you guys posted on the updates and most importantly on updates related to the bid dream – MBA.

MBA is not all about being an Investment Banker and making money…

(Disclaimer: If you don’t want to read all this gyan, please go to the end of this post and do watch the video. I have provided a link, which will open in other window once you click on it)

I am a strong believer in the virtues of good education. Good education can create revolutions, change the world and create opportunities for those who need them most. Now that we all are thinking about going for an MBA and I bet an MBA from any of our target schools will provide us with unparalleled exposure, will empower us with the tools to be a successful professional and will open the world of opportunities for us. And I am sure we all already have set eyes on the job we will get after that MBA and the money I will make and the company I will start and there is nothing wrong with it. Even I have some vague goals and expectations set in my  mind but on and off the not-so-materialistic-me thinks about how can I best use the education I have got. And today I am going to share my thoughts with you guys:

  • I can create opportunities for others and still make money. How? I can start a business and employ people. All I need is a good idea and good execution. And guess what, idea is not the difficult part of it; the difficult part is the effort and lack of motivation.
  • I can give it back to the society. Trust me, the society needs fortunate people like us a lot. People who know about things, are aware of both sides of coin and are willing to share and teach and educate others. We are not aware how even a minutest of effort from our side cam change lives. And the skills we are going to acquire in those top schools will be our asset. Those skills are like the pot full of more which never empties if you spend it. The more you use for the benefit of society, the more bigger and fuller the pot becomes. Well, maybe the monetary rewards may not be big but there are still amazing rewards.
  • I can do both of above. I can create opportunities and still give it back to society and make little less money. I can create something which caters to the needy ones, spread education and still make money.
Think about it. And then think about how happy and satisfied we all can be. I am sure the job satisfaction will be huge here!  Watch the following video for motivation:
                                                   Barefoot School